the charitybusker project was launched in november 2009.

busking all over the internet for charities.
the busker is singing you a song for a good cause.
click on his hat and you get redirected to the donation page
of the charity his singing for. does not take any donations, it is merely
promoting and supporting charities.

the idea for this project came by just surfing and realizing
how much space is used on the web for advertisement.
in online advertising everybody is trying to make as much
money as possible, while the content of it is often overlooked. is trying to take a little of that vast advertising
space and use it for a good cause.

for further information please
get in touch with us via email

please also get in touch if,
you are a songwriter that would like to donate a song,
or you would like to suggest a charity to us,
or if you would like to give us some feedback.

charities who would like to get their own banner,
are also very welcome to get in touch with us.

let us know where the charitybusker is singing out and about
on the internet.

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charitybusker is a project.
charitybusker song

should feel afraid.
should go to sleep, hungry still.

needs a shelter when the rain begins to fall.
tonight somebody
can make a change.

give as much a you can
give plenty.
give as much as you possibly can
give to a charity.

song written by
christian buehlmann

performed by
ubaldo pelligra